We are GMP and HACCP certified volume producer of bakery products ranging from pre-mixes, bread, cakes, cookies, croissant and pastries in frozen, part-baked, or baked forms with specified packaging to meet your needs. We develop products to your cost and quality targets.

Founded since 1991, we take pride in our top delivery service level, top quality and consistent products with homemade taste and image through years of experience combining with both art and science of baking.

    Our butter or sponge cake base could be decorated into unlimited creative designs including your favorites Disney’s characters. Decorations are from buttercream or fresh cream base hand crafted with exquisite detail by our highly skill bakers

Our cake product could be kept frozen for a few months to allow retail sales flexibility, while display shelf life in chilled condition lasts over a week

Our renowned wholesome loaf breads are made from natural ingredients to enhance nutrition and fiber content without giving up the good taste.    

    We Develop products to your specifications and price point in frozen, part-baked, or baked form. Our frozen products are achieved by using air blast technique to preserve texture and taste as if they are freshly made at the serving time.

Our frozen products allow your business to cater for demand fluctuations. Our high precision croissant machines allow us to achieve the efficiency and consistent quality.

Butter based both crunchy and soft cookies are our specialties with wide range of ingredients combination.